2nd Player attack has been changed to the 'M' key. I will update the graphic to reflect this later.


1st Player: WASD for movement, SPACE BAR for attack.
2nd Player: ARROWS for movement, 'M' for attack.

Welcome to the Ahnixware Pocket Brawler (Student Edition)!

Our founder/creative director teaches a class on how to make pixel art. The final project is everyone makes their own fighting game character. He then takes all their characters and puts them in this fighting game engine and holds a tournament where everyone competes to win using their own character!

At this point, most of the music, backgrounds and tiles are placeholder assets and ripped off the internet. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is made off this game. As more content is submitted it will gradually replace all the content not originally created specifically for the game.

We would like to invite the public to submit their own characters to the game. All credit will be given and artists hold full intellectual property rights. A tutorial will be made for how to make them to this game's specs soon. Basically the characters need to be no taller than 96 pixels (64 preferred). Any characters 48 pixels or shorter will be doubled in size in the game engine. You MUST have the character's feet touching the bottom of the canvas, and the character needs to be centered. The animations should be submitted as individual GIFs and be as follows:

Idle - 2 frame min
Walk - 2-4 frame min
Crouch - 1 frame min
Jump - 1 frame min
Standing Attack - 3 frame min
Crouching Attack - 3 frame min
Walking on hands - 2-4 frame min
Injured - 1 frame min
Death - 1 frame min
Upwards Attack - 3 frame min
Into Handspring - 1 frame min
Handspring Attack(out of handspring) - 1 frame min

Submit your characters here.
All feedback and critique is welcomed and needed. Thanks and stay tuned for more updates!


Previous Class Tournament Winners:

StatusIn development
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags16-bit, 8-Bit, Beat 'em up, GameMaker, Retro
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

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