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Super Socket Brawler is a chaotic, competitive, arena fighting game where you must devise a recipe for success on the fly by combining items to create powerful weapons that will aid you in winning.  Each weapon has four sockets that alter its behavior  depending on what you put inside each.

Basic Slingshot with no items in it's sockets.

Add a ball to the Behavior socket to give it a "bounce" behavior.

Over 4000 possible combos and growing! Come up with your own style and strategy.


The game takes place on Halloween Night somewhere in suburban USA. A group of trick-or-treat-ers find a mysterious talking scarecrow holding a big red crystal that has the power to transform their Halloween props into powerful toys of excitement. Needless to say they begin a game of war...

This game is just a prototype. Multiplayer requires 2-4 Xbox 360 controllers. Right now the only weapon available is the slingshot. Many more features are planned for the future. Feedback is welcome.  

Button Layout

Keyboard Layout (Note: There is no AI or networking yet so single-player mode is just for testing right now.)


SuperSocketBrawler.zip 6 MB

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